How you can help

The Haseley Brook Action Group believes that the Chalgrove Airfield Strategic Development is ill-considered, and should either be removed from the Local Plan or replaced with a suitable alternative.

We also believe that the site adjacent to the M40 (Harrington) being promoted by developers is a flawed location for a new town and should not be seriously considered.

Both Chalgrove and Harrington are poorly located compared to alternative sites directly adjacent to Oxford.

Our challenge is to persuade SODC to reconsider. To achieve this goal we need to:

  1. Collectively point to the clear evidence that the Chalgrove Airfield development fails to meet key objectives laid out in the Local Plan, is inferior to the available alternatives and that SODC has failed to follow due process in proposing this site.
  2. Have a significant people from all the communities across South Oxfordshire tell SODC that these developments are unwanted and highly damaging.

John Cotton, the Leader of SODC, in his foreword to the Local Plan specifically states that “your response to the consultation is crucial”. He also says that it “is our desire to let more of the decisions be made by communities for themselves”.

Based on this, you can help by:

  1. Give clear and strong feedback to SODC before the consultation closes on 17th May, focusing on the weaknesses in the proposals and better alternatives;
  2. Talk to everyone you know in your community about this, and persuade them to also provide clear feedback before the closure date.
  3. Join the HBAG “interest group”. With this, we will keep you informed of all developments and provide advice on the key points to make in your feedback.
  4. Support HBAG fund raising activities. We have appointed strong Legal and Planning advisors, but they don’t come cheap, and taking this all the way to Independent Examination will be very expensive. Please contribute to our Fighting Fund or help organise fund raising activities.