The Local Plan Timetable

  • The Second Preferred Options Document was released on 29th March 2017. This is not a full draft Local Plan, but contains much of the detail that will be required at the next stage.
  • SODC will be undertaking extensive public consultation and engagement on the Second Preferred Options document, over the 7 week period from 29th March 2017 to 17th May 2017.
  • Once this consultation period is closed, SODC will work to produce a “Proposed Submission Document”. This will be the “Draft Local Plan”. It is anticipated that this will be released for consultation in the Autumn of 2017.
  • Once this consultation period has closed, SODC will formally submit the Local Plan to the Secretary of State. It is anticipated that this will take place towards the end of 2017.
  • All representations received would then be considered by an Independent Inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State through the Planning Inspectorate. Having considered all representations, the Inspector will then conduct a formal independent examination into the Local Plan. The Inspector will make recommendations in respect of the Local Plan and, for the Plan to proceed to adoption, the Inspector must find the Local Plan to be “sound”. It is anticipated that the examination is likely to be conducted in the spring of 2018.
  • Once a Local Plan is found to be “sound” it can proceed to adoption. In the case of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan, this could be as early as the summer of 2018.